Especialized passive fire protection company

Protección pasiva contra incendios.

About us

MECOSA is aware of the importance of the different systems of fire doors in sectors such as Distribution, Health, Hospitality Restoration, Shopping Centers, Offices, Parking …

The experience and knowledge of the markets are two factors that have contributed to MECOSA being one of the most important special fireproof doors manufacturing companies nationwide.

As of 2008, MECOSA started the international experience in different countries. Mecosa currently has several potential clients in different parts of the world and continues its international expansion.


MECOSA was born in 1984, making all kinds of metal doors. Subsequently, due to a social concern of the market in the fight against fire, MECOSA offers a service for its customers of any diversity of fire doors, either supplying or manufacturing doors of special measures. The rigorous application of the regulations that monitor the fundamental rights of citizens has had repercussions on the restructuring of our company, specializing in the area of passive fire protection.

Currently, Mecosa has a team of 45 professionals, and with a space of more than 3000 m2 to develop their activities.


Mecosa has done installations in sectors very important as the following.

In the transport sector, we have participated in airports of Barcelona, Madrid and Palma de Mallorca. We have also made installations for RENFE, or the port of Barcelona.

In the cultural sector, our installations take part of buildings as Palacio de la Música of Barcelona, the Museum Macba, the Conference Hall,…

Also in the health sector, we have had a big participation with installations as the Hospital of Bellvitge in Barcelona, the Hospital Infantil of Valencia or the Hospital San Dureta in Mallorca.


The Mission of Mecosa focuses on protecting people in case of fire, advancing in the market of passive protection with innovative products that adapt to the technical and aesthetic needs of the work and thus be pioneers in new fire sectorization solutions.


Continue to be a benchmark in sectorization products for passive fire protection at the national level and create a gap in the international market, all based on our perfect quality-price ratio and our innovative products.


The following values inspire and guide Mecosa’s strategy and all its actions: