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Project Description

Sliding door victoria
with fire resistance EI2

Characteristics Fire Proof Sliding Doors


The Victoria Fire Sliding Doors are designed for the closing and sectorization of great dimensions hollows. They can remain open, closed, or have an intensive use.The operation can be manual, semiautomatic or automatic. Its closing is guaranteed by counterbalance, which acts on the leaf.

When the alarm signal emits an impulse to the electromagnet (24 VCC) or the thermal fuse reaches 68 ºC, the door is unlocked and driven by the counterbalance, leaving the door totally closed. With the action of fire, the intumescent joint installed in the fireproof maze, which is around all the perimeter of the door, is expanded sealing the door.

The door in semiautomatic or automatic mode, apart from the motor, incorporates a control unit, an opening and closing button, photocell, and all the necessary elements for a perfect functioning of the closing system. The closing is guaranteed by an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).


Each leaf is made of two pre-lacquered steel sheets (0,6/0,8 mm thickness) forming panels of 1150 mm tongue-and-groove width, filled with rock wool of high density 145 kg/m3 and closed by one of its edges through a perimeter profile in U.

The door is driven by the bottom through a skate, which is hidden inside the profile. The counterbalance is united through steel cable to the door. Pushing the button in the electromagnet the door closes.


The door is held by an upper suspension guide of high quality and durability made with galvanized material of three different measures depending on the weight and the measures of the door. Installed according to the hollow characteristics.